Bar Mills Metropolitan Garage Kit, Multiple Scales

Bar Mills Metropolitan Garage Kit, Multiple Scales

Bar Mills has released the Metropolitan Garage in N, HO, and O scale. This structure was originally part of the limited release Cigar Corner super-kit. I assembled the HO model, priced at $79.95. If you wish to add a set of discounted Woodland Scenics gas station figures, the cost is $84.95. Check their website for other scale information and pricing.

Based upon a notable George Sellios designed building from his Franklin & South Manchester model railroad, the gas station is on the lower floor with apartments above in a wedge-shaped design. One wonders how desirable living above a gas station would be! The kit consists of pebbled laser-cut Taskboard, laser board, wood, acetate, Tichy windows, wire, resin/white metal castings, and full color signs and instructions. Assembly is not difficult and is very enjoyable. The instructions are not comprehensive, but sufficient, and an added supplemental instruction sheet is provided on general modeling tips. The pebbled Task-board is assembled in layers to simulate stucco. I enhanced the stucco effect by overbrushing Crescent Creek Scale Models’ stucco material. I made sure not to apply it where another layer was to be laminated. I also added lights in the ceiling of the overhanging canopy to light the resin cast pump island underneath.

The kit is well engineered and as presented, is detailed with more signs than can be used for this application. I elected to add two Roomette interiors and internet graphics with LED lights to both the first and second stories. I also substituted CC Crow seamed tarpaper to the flat roof instead of the provided rolled roofing since the roof is flat. Finally, I added figures, small diameter wire for gas pump hoses and a short ladder to the provided billboard. It is the signage, true to Sellios’ design, that lifts this structure above the normal.

The plentitude of roof details also adds interest, including the lovely billboard. I was impressed with the resin one-piece gas pump island casting and the fire alarm/fire water hook-up details for the walls. The finished structure demands a prominent location and reeks of character. Given its wedge shape, it will be perfect at the end of a city block where its detail and the added interiors can be appreciated. It is a spectacular urban structure that will be a focal point for any city scene. —Charlie Getz

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