JULY/AUGUST 2024: Keith Pashina and Lind Wickersham both built detailed models of the Gilpin Tram’s Black Hawk, Colo., engine house. Keith’s model is HOn30, and Lind built an On2 version. John Hopkins describes a clever diorama of a White Pass & Yukon locomotive that has been thrown in a river as rip-rap. This is followed by Rob Bell’s 15th part of his series on WP&Y locomotives. Pete Replinger’s description of an early Heisler named “Tollie” is charming. Bob Bennett builds an On30 flag stop. Chip Pecere describes his friend Al Stohl’s three On30 Galloping Geese. Looking for a great gift? Try Bert Donlon’s use of display boxes designed for signed baseballs and bats, but with HOn3 trains in them for your friends. James Anton is back with an article about his HO scale Martha’s Vineyard Railroad, followed by Gregg Condon’s MMR suggestions for getting rid of shine on your layout. All this and more in the July/August 2024 issue of Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette!

Current Issue

July/August 2024

Volume 50, No. 3

Special Feature

The San Juan Del Oro • by Mike Engler, MMR — Eduardo Romo’s HOn3 Layout.


The Gilpin Tramway’s Black Hawk Engine House • by Keith Pashina with Lind Wickersham — Modeling the Smaller, Two-Stall Version in On2 and HOn30.

White Pass & Yukon 60 • by John Hopkins — Locomotive in a River

Locomotives of The White Pass & Yukon Route • by Rob Bell — Part 15: A War Hero.

Early Heislers Built By The Stearns Manufacturing Company • by Peter J. Replinger — Number 1003 Tollie

The Flagstop at South Strong • by Bob Bennett  — Pee Wee Detail

Al Sohl’s On30 Geese • by Chip Pecere — Numbers 2, 5, and 7

Creating an HOn3 Shadowbox • by Bert Donlon — A Great Gift

My HO Scale Martha’s Vineyard Module • by James Anton — A Trip into the Past

Kill That Shine! • by Dr. Gregg Condon, MMR — Making Things Dull

Placerville Livery Stable • by Craig Symington, MMR — Last in a Series

The Narrow Gauge Scene • by Charlie Getz — You Are Such a Card


Klondike Mines Railway 4 • by David Fletcher

Colorado & Southern Ry. Standard Gauge Boxcars on The Narrow Gauge • by Robert Stears

South Pacific Coast, Felton, Calif., Station • by Gary Caviglia

Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Gondolas 105, 111, Flatcars 87, 109 and Boxcar 4 • by Herman Darr

Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad 8-Ton Capacity Boxcar • by Herman Darr

Johl Barn, Bodie, Calif. • by Neil A. Pfafman


Robert’s Ramblings by Bob Brown, Editor

Pigeon Hole — Letters to the editor

In Brief — Small announcements, new items, and corrections

New in Review Model reviews

Book Reviews

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