Stewart’s Rods Kit in HO Scale by Bar Mills

Stewart’s Rods Kit in HO Scale by Bar Mills

by Charlie Getz/photo by the author

Bar Mills has released Stewart’s Rods structure kit in HO scale. Honoring famed rocker and model railroader extraordinaire Rod Stewart, this kit is delightfully complex appearing but actually very buildable with a graduate course in techniques for different materials. The kit contains laser-cut components, some with peel and stick adhesive; Tichy styrene parts, resin castings, acetate, pre-cut tarpaper siding, cardstock roof panels, tarpaper and shingled roofing, laser-cut roof sign, printed signs, and color instructions. Actually, the instructions are more like a conversation with owner, Art Fahie, though enough information is provided to allow an experienced builder to assemble the kit. Even a novice can do so, but only by proceeding slowly and following the excellent suggestions.

Art is a believer in bracing, and plenty is provided. The parts diagram and bracing templates really help. So does pre-painting of walls and components. Although small for a manufacturing plant, this little gem of a building features attached sheds in brick, board and batten and with tarpaper-covered walls. I assembled the main shell as recommended then added the clever one-piece rafter tails, windows, and doors, all pre-painted.

Each shed is then addressed separately and assembled before attaching to the main structure. I used the tarpaper roofing on the largest shed but substituted corrugated on the brick boiler-house shed. For the main building, I used the shingles provided. Resin stacks add a lot to the roof, as does the sign for Stewart’s Rods. I really appreciated the pre-cut and self-adhesive battens and the pre-weathered tarpaper siding. I also liked the option of a dormer (my choice) or a New England-style resin cupola with laser-cut weathervane, that I am saving for a future project.

A number of detail castings are provided, as are very nice dummy light fixtures. I added window shades and a light, but otherwise built it stock. In the future, I will convert the lovely roof sign to a storefront sign and use the building as part of a larger complex. This well-engineered and fun kit reeks with character and was produced by one of the true characters in the industry. I always enjoy Bar Mills kits and you will too.

Stewart’s Rods
HO Scale Kit

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