I’m kind of proud of this piece of clutter. This is what remains of a prize-winning garage after a bookshelf fell on it during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. I was pleased by the way my garage “fell down” and left it in place with a label. Note the posh clutter steam tractor on the left.


September/October 2022I mentioned in my May/June 2022 Ramblings that I really enjoy making little vignettes on my railroad and building interiors in engine sheds, machine shops, and other industrial buildings. I illustrated that Ramblings with photos of vignettes. Then Dog Face George intruded in the July/August issue. So, here are some photos of the interiors I love to do, once I am in the mood.

I was fortunate to meet the late Bill Coffey in the 1950s. When I saw his engine shed detailed with Cerro Bend detailed castings, I got so excited that Bill gave me a baggie of castings and I built a logger’s shack with a detailed interior, and tossed all my previous models away.

When Bill started talking about moving back home to Oregon, I asked him to show me how to make RTV molds and make Cerro Bend castings in my own spin casting machine. Bill not only taught me how to do it, but he also provided the spin stable for the casting machine I assembled from an old Mixmaster. So, over the years I have had access to my own detail parts and have been able to clutter up my models. It has been said that when I make a mistake, I put a bucket on it. I have, of course, made good use of the lathes, drill presses, and other large tools sold by C.H. Brommer, Western Scale Models, and others over the years. And I am not above using an expensive, detailed model like a steam tractor as posh detail. Here are some photos of my favorite interiors.

—Bob Brown, Editor

ClutterABOVE: This is my sawmill’s blacksmith shop. Note the lack of siding. I prefer leaving the siding off rather than removing roofs to show interior details.

ClutterABOVE: The interior of my stave mill. The open sides look right on this model and my scratchbuilt stave machines can be easily seen.

ClutterABOVE and BELOW: Here are two views of my car repair shop. It also lacks siding. But it is right on the edge of my layout so visitors can easily see the clutter.