Mudd Creek Models General Store Kit in HO

The General Store HO scale kit from Mudd Creek Models was an enjoyable kit to build and will not disappoint the modeler who adds it to their layout.

Mudd Creek Models General Store Kit in HO

Review by Charlie GetzMudd Creek Models is a manufacturer of N scale kits that has recently expanded into HO. Operated by partners Natalie Sacco and Frank Saladino, this company has a nice line of laser-cut structures and the one I selected is ideal for someone who wishes to try a laser-cut kit without fear of failure. The General Store (no. MCM-011) contains laser-cut wood, strip wood, acetate, laser-cut windows and doors, shingles, corrugated card parts, a sign stencil, white metal and resin details and fully illustrated instructions.

This is a simple kit, as they admit, but a good introduction into laser kit building techniques. It can be assembled in a few sessions. The windows have a self-adhesive backing making placement of the acetate easier. There is an unidentified piece of wall-matching scribed wood which turned out to be the floor, but I realized that it could be used to create two new matching sidewalls if you elect not to use the kit sidewalls with two large pre-cut window openings in each. Why? Well, with all those large windows covering all four walls, just where did that General Store display its goods? Nor can you use it as a mid-block building, and you almost must install an interior with all those large windows. I built my sample stock, but next time I’d make a new floor, converting the old one into blank sidewalls. Not a complaint; just unexpected flexibility with the kit. As a bonus you would gain four very nice laser-cut store windows and acetate for a future project.

In any event, everything fit well, and I encountered no problems in assembly. I marked lines on the sub-roofs to ease application of the shingles using transfer tape, as recommended. I also added some porch roof brackets by Tichy instead of forming them from strip wood. I also recommend adding a smokestack. The stencil sign was very effective and is a nice touch.

With some strip wood cap trim, the project was completed. resulting in a very nice little store. This was an enjoyable kit to build and will not disappoint. Give their line a look.

Mudd Creek Models
161 Adams St.
East Islip, N.Y. 11730

The General Store
MCM-011 MSRP $41.00

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