Wells Fargo Building Kit in HO from Scale Railroad Models

Wells Fargo Building Kit in HO from Scale Railroad Models

Wells Fargo Building Kit in HO from Scale Railroad Models

2023-03by Charlie Getz

Scale Railroad Models is a new manufacturer (since 2019) that I discovered at the Rocky Mountain Train Supply shop in Arvada, Colo., near Denver. Scale Railroad Models offer a series of nice structures and details in N and HO scale as a visit to their website will show. Each structure is from a different state and based upon a prototype illustrated on their website, with the goal of offering a building from all 50 states.

I was drawn to the HO Wells Fargo building in Durango, Colorado, (SRM-2035-HO, $29.95), for obvious reasons. Located on Main Street near the depot, this building is the first downtown Durango kit I can recall other than the depot. The kit consists entirely of styrene injected moldings and a piece of styrene for the roof. The front façade is very well rendered but the sides and back feature oversize bricks. These are not noticeable if the building is placed mid-block as intended. The windows and doors are cast-in, plus a separate storefront casting is provided. No floor or roofing materials/details are included.

Assembly is as easy as gluing the walls together after painting and adding the storefront casting. I did encounter one issue: the side walls were inexplicably taller by one brick course, than the front/back walls. I just added a strip-wood piece to the bottom of those floors which will later be hidden by a sidewalk or scenery. That solved the problem. I painted the walls a brick color, applying Robert’s Mortar thereafter, and the windows/doors/trim following the prototype picture.

I added lights and light blocks plus a styrene floor. I also installed bracing to the corners and wood supports for the roof. I added window treatments (venetian blinds), plus stacks and a chimney to the roof after gluing CC Crow seamed tarpaper to the subroof. Finally, I added a railing and ladder to the rear molded-on platform. I even found a Wells Fargo Express sign in my stuff for the front façade and a wall sign.

This is a very serviceable and attractive building useful in any western setting and I suggest you check out their line.

Scale Railroad Models
609 Natchez Ct.
Hurst, TX, 76054
(817) 233-5980

Wells Fargo Building – SRM-2035-HO, $29.95

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